Since getting to New York, I’ve been asking myself: Why do I have a creative block in arguably one of the world’s hardest working cities? With the amount of people, opportunities and inspiration that surrounds us here, I only assumed that I would be back in full swing when it came to writing and creating content.

In the past year I have travelled to an unbelievable amount of places and with that came a lot of photos and a lot to write about. Have I really done anything? No. Do I have a sick amount of footage waiting to be made into something? Yes. And it haunts me every time I open my laptop and see it waving at me, as I bypass it to log in to my online banking or Netflix.

We’ve all been there and what can make it worse (for me anyway) is seeing these amazing fellow content creators online – doing their amazing content. Why do I have a creative block? Why can’t I be like him? Uploading every day, engaging with people, creating amazing things and always on the go. Why do I have a creative block? I’m doing kind of the same thing as her, but she is just putting it out ten times better and times more often than me. Sigh.

Why do I have a Creative Block? New York, Bekah Molony

If you’re like me, the pressures of social media go way way beyond hating your body, because of some of the beautiful humans on Instagram. (Although – side note – I purposely do not follow people such as Emily Ratajkowski for this reason, I learnt a long time ago that seeing photos of people like her everyday are just simply not good for your mental health – if it’s not good for you, don’t follow people!). No no, social media more than anything makes me feel like a lazy, not creative whatsoever and frankly not even good at the anything, kinda gal.

If you’ve made it this far on my seemingly self loathing journal entry – congrats! Cause here’s the big realisation. I am great at loads of things! I’m great at having a full time job. I’m great at doing my post grad degree. I’m good to myself for making my lunches and dinners for the week, doing excercise if/ when I can and making sure the laundry pile doesn’t get scary. I’m good at keeping my various relationships alive, seeing my friends on the weekends and most importantly: Sleeping. I can guarantee that half the people out there asking themselves why do I have a creative block? … are people like me, who have 101 other things going on.

Creativity Meter
VERY low 22%

Why do I have a creative block? The simple answer my friends, is that we are too damn busy to be creative right now – and that’s OK! I sit at a desk for 8 hours using my brain for my job and then some days, a further 3 or 4 hours using my brain for college work. Others work all day and then use every ounce of their energy on their families or exercise or cleaning or whatEVER.

We’re our own worst enemies and it really doesn’t help when you compare yourself to people who have 24 hours of their day available for their creativeness. Just remember, your fave YouTuber or artist or poet or whatever industry you’re in – remember that many of them are doing this all day erryday and have taken the plunge to dedicate all their time and attention to this! So it’s 8 billion percent unnecessary to compare yourself to them. When I say ‘you’, I mean myself, I mean the majority of us. If you’re feeling a creative block, be kind to yourself, it will come.